Why the Cloud?

You are probably already using the cloud, if you use internet banking, web-mail services or file-sharing then you are already using cloud services, so why not for your accounting?

Are you sick of backing up, updating software, only being able to access your accounts from one computer, software incompatibility (windows 8 anyone?), sending copies of your books to your accountant, slow packages.

If yes, then cloud accounting is for you, but that’s just the start!  The cloud accounting packages are really pushing the boundaries of traditional software offerings.  There are some really neat features to reduce data entry, streamline accounting processes, improve reporting and collaborate.

Then there is the scale-ability of the online providers, you can start on a small plan, and add functions as your grow.  All the major players offer up-grading and down-grading of accounts.  And don’t be fooled into thinking that this is only for small business.  There are many medium sized business’ that online accounting is perfect for!

There are lots of options in the growing online accounting market (Xero, Saasu, Quickbooks Online, Myob), and the competition is fierce between the main players – which means they are all trying to give you the best product!

If any of this is ticking your boxes, then contact us today, and we can discuss your options!