Account Transformation

  • Do you understand your accounts?
  • Have you had a succession of bookkeepers – that have all done it differently?
  • Do you have figures on your Profit and Loss or Balance sheet that you don’t understand?
  • Does you accountant start from scratch each year?
  • In short are your accounts a mess?
  • Have you subscribed to Xero, Quickbooks or Saasu but don’t really know how to use it?
  • You need accounts need transformation!

We can clean out old debtors, old creditors, strange looking clearing accounts, incorrect inventory amounts and tune up your accounting system, update templates so that it works for you and more importantly, gives you the information that you need.

A good tune-up involves

  • Learning current processes, and generally understanding the business.
  • Eliminating old entries
  • Clearing out clearing accounts ( they are called clearing for a reason!)
  • Designing reports
  • Fixing that odd looking invoice template
  • Training – learn better ways to process your accounts.

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